Founders Day Letter

Founders Day Letter

Happy Founders Day From Executive Director Brian Bertges

This Founders Day, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the "Old Lady.” On a reflective day such as this one, I look at the progress we have made since I was initiated some 21 years ago. Standing at childhood's gates on a day that feels like just yesterday, I entered a room wondering what the future holds. I now have the distinct honor and privilege of serving as the Executive Director of our beloved Fraternity, hoping to prove my friendship will be firm, faithful and mutual.

Every day I wake up refreshed and excited to follow my passions. Exhilarated, I come to work at the Central Fraternity Office. My desk sits comfortably in the Norm Hackett room. Norm Hackett, our first Field Secretary, paved the way for future staff members. While thinking what I would write about for Founders Day, I realized that it was fitting to recognize the efforts and words from our past. The following is an excerpt from the Manual Norm Hackett compiled in 1936, 60 years prior to my initiation:

"Single out any high type, successful man and you will find that he believes in certain ideals and consistently lives up to them. They form the moral basis of his life, the foundation upon which his character house is build. You will find no finer, more wholesome, helpful ideals to adopt for your creed of living than the ideals of your Fraternity. But they will be of little value if you do not try to live them that's the big thing, living Theta Delta Chi, by trying to make yourself more worthy of its precepts, its friendships, delightful social contacts, in short, being loyal to them, and loyalty to your Fraternity MUST be lived. It implies affection, love, enthusiasm and those things cannot be expressed by empty shouting. We should avoid the selfish question, 'What is Theta Delta Chi doing for me?' But rather ask ourselves, 'What am I doing for Theta Delta Chi?'"

My experience with the Fraternity echoes Norm's words. Live the values of our Fraternity and you will be a better person. Put your whole self into the Fraternity and the Fraternity will do the same for you. With every investment I make, whether that is time, effort, or monetary, I received a return that is tenfold. I owe a lot of who I am to Theta Delta Chi.

On this Founders Day, I would love for every brother to do one act for the betterment of our Fraternity. If you are an undergraduate brother, consider reading the Preamble and the Book of Rituals and reflect on its words, or go out and participate in a day of service. If you are an alumnus, plan a trip to your Charge or make a gift to the Fraternity. Simply, do whatever your inner voice tells you to do. In honor of what the Fraternity has done for me over the last two decades and all brothers, I am making a gift of $1,847. I hope you will join me in making a donation that makes sense for you. Happy Founders Day fellow brethren! TO THE 'OLD LADY!'"

In The Bonds,
Brian Bertges, Sigma Triton '00
Executive Director

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