169th Convention Recap


169th Convention Recap

The 169th Annual Convention of Theta Delta Chi opened on Thursday night with a Welcome Reception for all guests who made it to Boston. Delegates from across the country arrived throughout the day onto the Northeastern campus which played host for all but two of the week’s events. Thursday was a time for meeting new friends and catching up with old ones, but come Friday morning it was down to business. The 139th Grand Lodge had their final meeting in the morning before the First General Business session. From Friday morning to the close of Convention Saturday night at the conclusion of the Grand Banquet, our undergraduate delegates and alumni were busy exploring Boston, conducting business, and renewing their social joys.

The New Grand Lodge

The 140th Grand Lodge added four new members to its ranks. This year the positions up for election were Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Member, and Graduate Treasurer. The election took place during the Second General Business Session on Saturday morning.

Quincy Gottwig, Sigma Deuteron ’15, was elected to the position of Graduate Treasurer while Adam Marks, Nu Deuteron ’99, was elected Executive Member. Neither are strangers to serving the “Old Lady.” Brother Marks was appointed by PGL Jason Dietz to fill a vacancy after the 168th Convention in Chicago in 2015. Brother Gottwig completed one year as the Traveling Charge Consultant during the 2015-2016 academic year. Both terms are for two years and will be completed at the 171st Convention in Richmond, VA.

Our new Treasurer and Secretary are Andrew Shapiro, Theta Triton ’17 and Aaron Garcia, Psi Deuteron ’17 elected to one year terms that will end at the 170th Convention in Philadelphia, PA. Both young men bring unique experiences to the Grand Lodge and will represent the needs of our active members very well.

These new members will join the 66th President Jason Dietz, Sigma Triton ’01, Graduate Secretary Stephan Johnson, Gamma Triton ’93, and Executive Member James Leuck, Upsilon Deuteron ’09 who are all completing the second year of their terms.

The 140th Grand Lodge is starting the year with a high level of motivation, continuity, and a strong mission and vision. The board will continue to push the four strategic goals created during meetings throughout the course of last year, as well as during their regular business meetings. It is an exciting time for the Grand Lodge and their staff.

  1. The Grand Lodge and Central Fraternity Office drive the development of a life-long and meaningful Brotherhood through increased participation and engagement.
  2. Theta Delta Chi is visible and distinctly recognizable as a value-added organization.
  3. The Grand Lodge and Central Fraternity Office are consistently supporting existing charges and expanding our Brotherhood.
  4. Theta Delta Chi influences and improves the local, national and Greek communities through meaningful service.

Convention Photos

Grand Banquet Awards

The PGL reception was held in the Curry Student Center Ballroom which then led into the Grand Banquet, the largest event of the weekend. The Grand Banquet is more than just a meal between brothers; we recognize the accomplishments of our brothers and Charges as a whole. The longevity of Theta Delta Chi exists in the hard work of its members. We thank brothers for their contributions both during the year, but also for their lifetime of service. It is a time to think about your commitment to the “Old Lady” or your Charge and what you can do for Theta Delta Chi.

Brother Derek Clune introduced Russ Kenn the Executive Director of Autism Speaks New England to the stage to present the Triple Threat Award. Our partnership with Autism Speaks as our International Philanthropy partner started in 2011 and has been growing ever since. The award this year was presented to the Upsilon Deuteron Charge at Wabash College with one of their most noted accomplishments being how successful the men were with the “Write it up Blue” campaign. This year we are looking to expand our support for Autism Speaks. Don’t forget to ask what your Charge is doing to support these initiatives. Congrats and thanks go out to the men of Upsilon Deuteron on the award and their ongoing support which made them stand out this year!

Individual Awards

  • Undergraduate of the Year – Ryan Patrick Alderson, Beta ’16 & Stephen Collins, Gamma Deuteron ‘17
  • Alumnus of the Year – Mark Webster, Alpha ‘88

Loyalty Cups:

  • Highest Number of Donors - Gamma Deuteron
  • Highest Percentage of Donors – Theta Triton

Convention Awards:

  • Glenn Marston Travel Cup – Gamma Triton
  • Graduate Attendance Trophy - Sigma Triton
  • #TDX169 Photo Contest – Ian Karls, Sigma Deuteron ‘17
  • Brian J. Bertges Service and Philanthropy Cup – Lambda Triton
  • Guy C. Pierce Improvement Cup – Psi Deuteron
  • Ritual Improvement Cup - Nu Triton
  • President’s Cup - Xi Deuteron
  • Theta Delt of the Year – James D. Leuck, Upsilon Deuteron ‘09
  • Victory Cup – Gamma Deuteron

This year’s award ceremony saw many repeat winners along with many new Charges on the podium. One of the most consistent winners of the President’s Cup is Xi Deuteron. It is not just the consistency or accuracy of the ritual that continually brings them to the stage, the men of Xi Deuteron take the ritual seriously and understand its importance when bringing new members into the Brotherhood. Congrats to Xi Deuteron for continued excellence in this area!

One of the names we haven’t seen in a while is Psi Deuteron. Congratulations to them on the Guy C. Pierce Improvement Cup! It is no coincidence that their past president Aaron Garcia won Secretary of the Grand Lodge. The skills and progress the Charge made were very impressive and his voice is one the Grand Lodge looks forward to having. His leadership and the constant drive from all their undergraduate members and alumni has really helped to develop the Charge and bring them to where they needed to be. The Charge is in a great place and has a bright future in front of them. The hard work of the men at Psi Deuteron made the growth and this award possible.

Exceptional efforts do not go unnoticed. In Chicago at the 168th Convention Beta took home the Guy C. Pierce Improvement Cup and Undergraduate of the Year went to Beta Brother Ved Rajkumar. This year we recognize another Beta brother for his commitment to his Charge and tireless effort. Ryan Patrick Alderson was one of this year’s recipients.

While you will have to come to Convention to get every detail, a recap would not be complete without mentioning Gamma Deuteron for taking home our highest honor, the Victory Cup. The Charge also saw Stephen Collins take home the shared title of Undergraduate of the Year. While it is not common to give the award to two brothers it was necessary to recognize both members for the respective journeys and growth they had with their Charges. For those who don’t know, Gamma Deuteron was re-chartered in 2009. The Charge has been growing, developing, and building since then. They have transformed in this time and grown into more than a model Charge: they are a shining example of what hard work and dedication can bring. The partnership between the undergraduate men and the alumni of Gamma Deuteron has returned them to the glory they were once very used to. Well done!

Scholarship Winners


  • Kevin Hahn, Delta Deuteron ‘12
  • Ryan Walker, Lambda Triton ‘15
  • Zach Hegemann, Xi Deuteron ‘17
  • Ben Preston, Mu Triton ‘14


  • Kyle Friend, Beta ‘17
  • Justin Rice, Lambda Triton ‘17
  • Peter Coyne, Iota Triton ‘16


  • Jack Kalloch, Sigma Deuteron ‘18

Business Sessions

This was the second year that gave dormant Charges an alumni vote. The following dormant Charges each had an alumnus member represent them: Iota Deuteron, Chi, Chi Triton, Rho Triton, and Nu Deuteron.

This year did not see any new legislative changes, simply a clarification of language by the SCL (Standing Committee on Legislation).

The Second General Business Session agenda featured the Grand Lodge elections which are noted above. It was also an opportunity to present Eric Scott Kelley, Sigma Triton ’04 with a proclamation for his service to Theta Delta Chi. EK, as most of you know him, has been a key player in the organization for some time. His service has been in both professional and volunteer positions. EK started a new career outside of the Central Fraternity Office this year. We wish him continued success in his personal life and thank him for the influence he has had on us all. With that, we are able to welcome a new Director of Development, Patrick Tiernan, Chi Triton ’99. This was Patrick’s first convention since he presented as one of the founding fathers of Chi Triton. Be sure to update your contact information so that we can stay in communication with you and update you about Charitos events in your area.


This year’s Omega Service was led by Rabbi Andy Bossov, Kappa Triton ’81 for the second consecutive year. The Omega Service is a memorial service as well as a time to reflect on the lives of our brothers, friends, family, and selves. The 139th Grand Lodge led the reading of the Omega Roll.

Central Fraternity Office (CFO) Tour and Archives Project

The Central Fraternity Office (CFO) is housed in Boston and played host to an open house featuring a tour of an archives display, refreshments and a fraternity store. The store featured numerous items for sale either branded specifically for the 169th Boston Convention or with a more generic fraternity brand.

During this open house, participants had the opportunity to hear from Dr. William McClung, who is spearheading our Archives project. To date, this project has seen the cleaning, cataloging, scanning and display of over 1500 individual and groups of artifacts ranging from historic TDX jewelry; photographs of our founders and conventions past; along with other very interesting and original items. Of the items that garnered the most interest were the original badges of our founders, the Mort Beebe flag which flew over both poles and the display of John Hay photos and paintings.

During the course of this project, original handwritten Constitutions have been identified and preserved dating back to the founding of the fraternity in 1847 along with the original handwritten Epsilon Constitution. As these items have been located and identified they are being catalogued in a searchable database.

This is a daunting project involving Dr. McClung and several interns in the process. At the end of this phase, it is anticipated that much of the archival material will be identified, scanned and cataloged along with the production of a digital narrative of the history of our beloved Fraternity.

Charitos Society Reception

On Friday evening members of the Charitos Society gathered across the street from the CFO at the Four Winds Bar and Grill for cocktails, appetizers, and dinner. It was a great call to celebrate another successful fiscal year along with hosting social events in Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Over thirty brothers representing thirteen different Charges along with several significant others were in attendance for the festivities. Members enjoyed the relaxing ambiance of the private reception toasting the “Old Lady” while meeting Theta Delts from across North America.

Charitos Presents

A feature of the 2016 Convention was programming designed specifically for Alumni Associations and Housing Corporations. A session on liability issues from a House Corporation perspective was presented by our insurance company, Holmes-Murphy. The second session was conducted by Dave Westol of Limberlost consulting and focused on the ins and outs of alumni advising and support. Both sessions were well received and helped participants examine and refine their alumni / active relationship.


Minerva programming is specifically geared to our undergraduate delegates at Convention. This year we continued our trend of three programs. The three were hosted by Bobbi Larson from Holmes Murphy, Russ Kenn from Autism Speaks, and AJ Gardiner from Men’s Wearhouse.

170th Convention

Begin to make plans now to join us in Philadelphia for the 170th Annual Convention of Theta Delta Chi.

Today is a great day to be a Theta Delt!

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