Tau Tetraton

Richard Wood

The Tau Tetraton Colony of Theta Delta Chi has worked for the last four years to meet and maintain the expectations of both Johnson & Wales University as well as Theta Delta Chi. Twenty-seven undergraduates and alumni came together on Sunday February 22nd in the campus’ chapel to be installed into the active ranks of Theta Delta Chi. The Tau Tetraton Charge currently sits as the 31st active Charge. A banquet, celebrating their chartering, was held in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

In attendance were Executive Director Dr. Richard Wood Gamma Triton ‘73, Charge Consultant John Lowry Theta Triton ‘13, Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority life Toubee Yang (Lambda Phi Epsilon), President of the Zeta Charge Grant Senne and Nathaniel Locke of the Zeta Charge. The embassy that chartered the group was Executive Member of the Grand Lodge Kevin Hahn Delta Deuteron ’12, Ken Nimblett Kappa ’69, and Patrick Marcantuono Epsilon Triton ’11. These men are extremely proud to call themselves Theta Delts and share our strong commit to the “Old Lady”.

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