West Coast Report

Kevin Hahn, Delta Deuteron '12


Xi Deuteron Charge HouseXi Deuteron Charge House

The beginning of the new year found me on the West Coast up in Seattle at Xi Deuteron at the University of Washington (UW), fortunately with an umbrella during the Pacific Northwest's wet winter. Often referred to as the “White House of the West Coast,” the Charge House sits just a block from UW's campus. With a group of more than 65 solid Brothers, Xi Deuteron holds it down for Theta Delta Chi in the PNW. Although they landed themselves in a bit of hot water with the university over some conduct issues early in the year, I'm happy to report that they are now off probation with a better understanding of risk management and proper behavior. The Charge has begun a capital campaign to raise money for much needed renovations to the old Charge House to update it to 21st century standards; construction will start in August. A perennial contender for the President's Cup, Xi Deuteron impressed me with their rigorous adherence to our Ritual during Charge meetings. As a result, I was dismayed at being unable to witness the Initiation of their fall pledge class because my departing flight was scheduled to leave just before it took place.

Psi Deuteron PoolPsi Deuteron Pool

Sunny southern California – home to both myself and, of course, Psi Deuteron – was my second stop; what a relief it was to be there in January instead of the frigid East Coast. With the help of Lambda Triton alumnus, Hasan Piker '13, our Charge at UCLA is well underway with a critical reorganization. After a decline in membership in the recent past, Psi Deuteron is experiencing a revitalization. While the Charge House was full of boarders in both the fall and spring of this most recent academic year, fall of 2014 should see the House full of newly initiated Brothers who are doing their best to quickly learn what it takes to run an exceptional Charge of Theta Delta Chi. The number of quality pledges recruited and Initiated next fall term will be a determining factor for the success of this Charge.

My last destination was Arizona for both the Preamble Institute in Scottsdale and a visit to the boys at Epsilon Triton in Tempe. Preamble is always an inspiring and memorable experience for me because it creates a strong synergy and sense of brotherhood among a group of young up-and-coming leaders from each Charge who are, at first, unacquainted strangers but become close friends and allies over only just a short weekend as they further develop their leadership skills and values based on our Ritual through PI's curriculum. This year's PI was no different, as a dedicated team of facilitators helped delegates from each Charge grow close as Brothers and cultivate their knowledge and appreciation of our Fraternity.

Epsilon Triton Brothers volunteer at Balancing Paws Dog Training in Phoenix, AZEpsilon Triton Brothers volunteer at Balancing Paws Dog Training in Phoenix, AZ

I continued the week with a stay at Arizona State University (ASU) to help set up Epsilon Triton for rush. Spring pledge classes are always smaller compared to those of the fall at ASU, but even though the Brothers hit the ground running, their efforts were rewarded with only one new member. It's sink or swim for these Brothers, who, despite difficult odds, are still very dedicated to the Old Lady. While few in number, they still make time for philanthropy and service and brought me along with them to a local shelter to help exercise the dogs there. They are currently biding their time until the upcoming semester, using the entire summer to prepare for a successful fall rush.



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