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I started my travels unsure of what to expect from the next month I was going to spend on the road. Travel can be both exciting and exhausting; life away from home most certainly has its ups and downs. While most undergraduate Theta Delts started to open their textbooks and begin a new academic year, I found my month of September starting quite differently. I headed out from Boston and made my way to South Carolina where I started my travels up the east coast visiting Charges in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

My undergraduate time at Binghamton University left me without a college football team to root for. I quickly was able to make up for lost time with Charges luckier than mine that were happy and quick to educate me on game day and tailgate procedure.  These Charge houses became my home away from home while on the road.  The brothers I met on the road made this experience one that makes me excited for my continued travels. The hospitality of those that opened their doors to me is a testament to our brotherhood at large. While our Charges differ across the nation one thing that remains consistent is quality of gentlemen. It was most certainly the brothers who hosted me that made the trials and burden of the road manageable.

All the brothers and Charges I visited are looking to excel and continue their successes. I am almost as excited as our undergraduate members for this semester and the year to come, as our Charges make and complete their goals. Some of the successes I’ve seen are exceptional recruitment from the men of Rho Proteron in South Carolina, whose numbers this fall greatly surpass those from the year prior. The brothers of Lambda Triton at Rutgers University continue to exceed their fundraising goals for Autism Speaks by raising over $12,000 this semester, and I was proud to hear that Theta Triton Charge at Binghamton made the local news for their support of the community through local clean ups and work with Safe Streets during my first semester as an alumnus. The Mu Triton Charge at UNCG is looking forward to starting an Autism Speaks U chapter on their campus.  The men at Nu Triton at Virginia Tech are proud of the recognition they got at this year’s convention for their efforts with Autism Speaks and look to continue in this direction. The Sigma Triton Charge at Penn State is excited for the coming year and continued success, their homecoming this weekend will certain bring alumni from far and wide. The Nu Charge at Virginia is looking to work with the campus and the Greek community; big steps are being made to make campus wide changes.

I’m excited to continue my travels to the Charges I have yet to visit, and can’t wait to meet up with many of the brothers I now call friends when I return in the spring. Also to anyone who has considered making it to this coming year’s convention in New York City start planning now.  Many of our undergrads are already talking about their plans to make the trip en masse both as first time attendees and as veterans of convention celebrations.

Charge Consultant:
John Lowry, Theta Triton '13
October 2013

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