The 166th Convention Business Recap



The 166th Convention of Theta Delta Chi brought delegates from most of the Charges to Seattle August 7-10 to honor Xi Deuteron’s 100th anniversary (see related story). Five of the seven Grand Lodge offices were in play: PGL, Graduate Secretary, one Executive Member (all of these being two-year terms), and the one-year undergraduate positions, Secretary and Treasurer. PGL Rick Wood did not choose to stand for election, and the Nominating Committee’s recommendation of Brian Bertges, Sigma Triton ‘00, was accepted by the Convention. The new PGL had previously served as Graduate Secretary in 2010-12. Similarly, the Nominating Committee’s recommendations to re-elect Graduate Secretary Stephan Johnson, Gamma Triton ’93, and Executive Member Jim Leuck, Upsilon Deuteron ’09, were accepted by the delegates. Graduate Treasurer Jason Dietz, Sigma Triton ’01, and Executive Member Nolan Slifko, Upsilon Triton ’12, continue in office until the 2014 Convention.

Seven undergraduates vied for the positions of SGL and TGL, and in the end victory fell to Michael Wolf, Xi Triton ’13, who will serve as Treasurer, and Derek Clune, Theta Triton ’14, who will serve as Secretary. The Standing Committee on Legislation presented proposals, previously approved by the Grand Lodge, to (a) remove delegate voting rights from former PGLs and (b) require Charges that fail to attend Preamble Institute and Convention to compensate the Grand Lodge for any no-show costs incurred, and to be subject to further disciplinary action up to and including Charter revocation. The former proposal was defeated and the latter accepted by the delegates. The latter proposal now goes to the Charges for ratification or rejection by October 15.

The Educational Foundation Meeting

The Founders’ Corporation and Educational Foundation also held their Annual Meetings. High on the list of forthcoming activities will be the selection of a replacement for Executive Director William McClung, Iota Deuteron ’66, who has announced his retirement as of a year from now. A Committee headed by EF President John Geisler and including former and current EF Board members Kyle O’Keefe and Jacob Surface, together with Graduate Secretary of the Grand Lodge Stephan Johnson and FC President Philip Parker, expects to hold interviews this fall and announce its choice in December.


Note: We regret the erroneous listing in the Convention’s Omega Service program of Bro. Harold L. Macklin, Lambda Deuteron '43.

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